Hi-Flow Oxygen Therapy System


MEK, South Korea

Hospital faces with constant dilemmHFT500-4a that they have to allocate a proper  respiratory device for each patient’s changed disease condition on time  continuously. It could be helpful solution for this issue if each device is  applicable for all the respiratory disease phases.

The remaining issue is what kinds of functions should be put in this one  device as the necessary and sufficient condition. The answer would be  BiPAP(S/T), CPAP, HFNC with an oxygen mixer, a humidifier and monitoring  function for respiratory rate and SpO2 in single device. We believe HFT500 is  our optimal and leading solution.

1. Jet Flow – Washout of Airway Dead Space

The HFT500’s Nasal Cannula is uniquely designed to produce high  velocity of flow – Jet Flow which washes out upper airway dead  space more effectively.


2. Essential Monitoring

The 4.3″ TFT display shows essential vital information including  FiO2, RR, SpO2. It helps to improve the quality of care and safety of  your patients by monitoring outcomes and performance.


3. Pressure Assistant – Reduced W.O.B

Its fully cycled Pressure Assistant PA(+) and PA(-) helps to reduce  Work Of Breathing (W.O.B) and its trigger and Ex_sense as Synchro-  nized function support to optimize patient comfort.


4. Heated and Humidified – Enhanced Comfort

HFT500’s Humidification chamber delivers controlled humidity. It  is used heated and humidified airway to patients who require  respiratory support.


5. Pulse Oximeter- Non-Invasive measurement

Non-invasive measurements of oxygen saturation are important  because they provide continuously easily essential information  which may aVect to quality of care.

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